Saturday, October 27, 2007


Have you ever felt that your car smiles at you whenever you look. Have you ever felt that the headlights are kind of its eyes and the Grill is kindof a mouth. Well i do, everytime i see any car, i see a face, somehow the concept of eyes at the level of mouth is freaky but thats the way i see it. In the movie Cars it was shown that cars were alive with grill as mouth and windshield divided into two eyes. Well in real life the windshield is single piece so it has to be my way.

There are different types of faces for cars. Some are straight faced cars like Zen and Maruti800, these are the work horses who are just okay about there job of being a car. They feel there engines are not powerful enough to let them be taken for a spin and they are just plainly overloaded and overworked and they bear all this with a straight face!

Then there are smiley cars like Indica and Santro. These are in a slightly better position, they are new in styling, have better height in case of Santro and a good engine in case of Indica and thus they are happy about it.. While indica has a wide toothy smile santro(Xing) has a small rabbit like smile :p

Now comes the rich pack, these are the high end cars which are meant for speed and luxury, like Honda City, Toyota Camry. These are driven by and for the elite, they have the best of engines and features in them they know it and thats why they have a Snobbish Wry smile, as if mocking at other cars!! See for yourself!!

So much for the good and rich ones, now for the Baddies.. Most SUV's come in the baddy look, the big size, the menacing stare and the strong jaw line. The meaniest look is that of Scorpio with protruding grill resembling spaced teeth. Many movies like Khakee and Main Hu Na where it is shown as vehicle of choice for villians supports my inference!!

And now last but never the least.. the meanest of them all.. the Kings of the road.. The Moustached Monsters.. Blueline buses!! They are rugged in every way with lots of scratches all over there bodies from their infamous encounters and a Mustache which hides there mouths and has lights on both ends, huge glasses as the eyes with a mean guy sitting behind and controlling the monster! What we get is a killing machine which can make most movie villians look like little red riding hoods!

This was a crazy thought i have every time i look at a vehicle, and it feels great to have shared it with the world. I hope u have a tough time deciding the look of your car and may you be bothered with this thought for the rest of your lives!! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

:D :D Kimi Rules!! :D :D

Finally something i'v been praying for whole year.. Something that gives me a joy comparable to India's T20 cup victory.. Something that no expert could've predicted a month ago and something every Kimi fan was waiting to see for such a long time. Kimi Raikkonen has won the drivers championship by one point in the very last race of the season. Everyone was banking on Hamilton to win the title with ease this sunday, but an aggressive move by alonso saw him going out of the track and falling to 8th place before a gear box trouble put him further down to 18th place. His chance were over then and the it was left for Kimi and Alonso to fight it out.

Some might say that Massa helped kimi in winning the championship, well the only help he gave kimi was to come second and which meant depriving alonso of the extra two points. Massa did not give up his track position, Kimi took it by pure racing. A commentator said that after second pit stop massa didn't push harder but i don't think anybody on the track has what it takes to overtake Kimi when he has a car without any sort of trouble.

Now theres another controversy that the BMW and Williams cars were illegal and though they've been spared from a penalty, McLaren is going to appeal as a decision against BMW and Williams might mean that Hamilton can still become the champion. The likelihood of that happening is less but if that happens then this win for hamilton will be as farcical as some say is the ferraris constructor's championship victory.

Hamilton is a good driver and what he has already achieved is commendable, but its Kimi who really really deserved to win the championship. He has come from behind and done what Schumi couldn't do last season. This will surely be remembered as one of the best seasons of Formula 1 with the best end which was possible for it.

Hail Iceman!!!! :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mc Laren beware... The Iceman cometh!!

The last two races had two of the most special moments in them. First in Japan we had the moment which every Ferrari fan craves for, Alonso crashing out of the race! :) Then came the Chinese Grand Prix where everybody was waiting for Hamilton to seal his championship, but instead we saw the rare mistake by Hamilton and McLaren which saw him sliding out of the race at the most inappropriate of places. This was the second moment i was talking about.

Well i have nothing against Hamilton, and i half heartedly agree that he might deserve (little bit) to win the championship, but one thing that everybody (including hamilton fans) will agree to is that if theres one other guy who deserves it and perhaps more than hamilton, its Kimi Raikkonen-The IceMan.

Kimi is one of the best drivers in Formula 1, he has been with the two most competitive teams in the sport in last two years and unfortunately let down by both of them. Formula 1 is about so much more than just driver skill and thats where Kimi has been unlucky. Last year McLaren were not able to provide a competitive car to him while this year he has had retirements due to Car trouble (Ferrari unreliability). Thats something Lewis has not had to face at McLaren. Just imagine how the situation would have been if Ferrari had done there work well.

Anyways Kimi is a great driver and i'm sure he'll get the championship soon.

So heres my prediction (deepest wish) for Interlagos, Alonso crashes into Hamilton at the first corner or some other part of race and Kimi and Felipe take P1 and P2 ( Even P2 is enough to give Kimi the title) and we will then have a fitting end to one of the most memorable season of Formula 1.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

FIA Sucks!! Hamilton Cleared with no penalty!!!

Have a look at a video from Japanese Grand Prix. To download click here.

Steve Slater was busy praising hamilton for the way he was slowing everybody down in the last sector of the lap at Japanese Grand Prix during safety car period, but now due to a well shot video from a spectator it can be clearly seen that Hamiltons erratic driving was a reason for the Webber-Vettle crash. In the video hamilton can be seen going wide of the racing line and very slow almost as if he's retiring from the race, prompting webber to brake hard as he wouldn't want to cross during safety car period, in this vettle was caught unaware and crashed into the back of Webber. From what i can see, two people are responsible for the crash, hamilton and webber but unfortunately the penalty was imposed on vettle instead for not seeing webber breaking hard in the spray that he was getting from him and crashing, leading to outster of both of them. Stewards are investigating the hamilton role now, i hope he's given something like vettle, but this time the punishment will be well deserved.(Hamilton cleared without any penalty, lifes so unfair!!)

Hamilton has said that he radioed his team to get the message to Red Bull to get Webber back off but still the way Hamilton was slowing down and accelerating according to his whims was not in right spirit as for people in the middle it was really difficult to see such sudden changes in speed in such treacherous conditions.

Hamilton said after the race,
When we were behind the second safety car, I was constantly on the radio to my engineers to tell the Red Bull team to get Mark [Webber] to make a little more of a gap because I couldn’t go any faster because the pace car was in front of me, so I was trying to keep the distance with him and then I’d move over because I couldn’t see Mark and then he’d just appear alongside me, so he kept out-braking himself. I felt something was going to happen, and I guess my instincts told me right.
Heres what Webber had to say about Hamilton's driving style,
It definitely contributed to Sebastian hitting me up the back because he [Hamilton] wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing, clearly.
Whatever these two might say the only one punished was Vettle, the one for whom the crash was most tragic as he lost the opportunity of Podium. Anyways, i hope he overtakes atleast one of the other two people in rest two Grand Prixes.