Friday, February 8, 2008

I Miss...........

I miss the familiarity of my home...

I miss my parents who are all alone at home!

I miss being carefree about meals...

I miss those weekends which meant mom made Aaloo k paranthe and Snacks in evening..whereas now its getting up late and having bread-butter with powdered milk tea!

I miss my car..... here its generally on foot or if i'm lucky then a pink Lady Bird cycle :D

I miss my gugu and her idiosyncracies....

I miss being with friends i really liked....Friends with whom i could be what i want to be...friends who would listen to what i'm saying..without compiling the errors in my speech and reporting them there and then!

I miss paying for watching movies!!(:P)

I miss Dilli ki Sardi!

I miss Indian Style Toilet Seats!

I miss living off a pocket money!(not that what company pays me is anything more than just a pocket money!)

I miss Pao bhaaji of kar kar dooma!:(

I miss Mc Donald's Veg Surprise with Lemon Ice Tea!

I miss nizaam's Egg Role with aloo masala.

I miss Delhi's traffic, Pollution and Metro!

I miss having the freedom to go wherever whenever i wanted!

I miss hanging around with frns doing nothing.

I miss the time when Friday, Saturday Sunday were just another days of the week!

I miss those mass bunks which i loved to initiate in college!

I miss my pathetically slow PC which has been with me since past 7 years!

I miss the noisy family get togethers!

I miss all the friends whom i don't know when i'l be able to meet!

I miss having so many places to go out to eat!

I miss drinking clean unsalty soft water.

I miss watching season by season of FRIENDS non stop and laughing my heart out!

I miss my daily dialogue with god when i used to switch off the light of the mandir at home at night!


:) :P :D :/ ('_') (::'_'::) (':') o(:-) ('@') ('*') :( :@

1 comment:

nidhi said...

hmmmmm... makes me feel m living a luxurious life at the moment.. :)

m sure everything u mentioned misses u equally badly...
n m also sure u'l b writing a similar kinda blog post training missing out on things ur enjoying/jheloing presently!! So, try to relish them till they r in ur hands.. u'l be starting the reverse countdown soon.. :)

keep writing.. :)