Monday, August 22, 2011

Jan-Lokpal and beyond....

While coming home today, i noticed a few residents of my society standing outside the society gate and shouting slogans in support of jan-lokpal bill and Anna. I also joined them.

We were just raising slogans by the side of the road. Not blocking any way not asking people to join us or causing any inconvenience apart from the noise of our voices. And i could see a lot of people passing by the road were joining in the chants of Vande-Matram. A few slowed down and a couple joined in as well. While it was very heartening that people were showing solidarity for a cause, what stuck me were the things i observed people do.

- A car slowed down, the occupant raised slogans with us, a few meters ahead, he opened his car door and let out a stream of spit.

- Another car with doctor's symbol on windshield crossed us and went wrong side on the road to avoid a long but legitimate U-turn.

Everyday on road i see people throwing things out of their car widows, everyday we see people haggling with policeman for bribes over petty violations. How can a lokpal help India if people are glad to be let off with a 40 Rs bribe instead of a 100 Rs fine!

Will lokpal show effect at the grassroots where people are so habitual of bribes that no work is done without the extra-constitutional-fee. The state of Indian society with respect to corruption was aptly described by the CVC before Thomas, he said:

"When we were growing up I remember if somebody was corrupt, they were generally looked down upon. There was at least some social stigma attached to it. That is gone. So there is greater social acceptance."

"if somebody has a lot of money, he is respectable. Nobody questions by what means he has got the money."

With so much concentration on passing of lokpal bill, has anybody thought if such powerful position is possible in reality. How can we be sure that the lokpal would be incorruptible, how can we be sure that a lokpal would not sway from its principles. Anyways, this is not what i wanted to say. All i wanted to say is, if you really care about the country and want to do your bit to make it a better place, please start caring for it like your own house.

See the lawns around India Gate on a Sunday evening they are full of all kinds of garbage and things left by people who came for picnic. How can you spoil the very place to which you go to enjoy. Next time you have a choice between a short wrong side drive and a long U-turn please take the latter. Follow the traffic rules and if caught breaking them, please prefer to pay the fine with a receipt. Roll down the windows of your car only to get fresh air, not to throw empty wrappers or bottles, they might lead to an accident for some two wheeler rider behind you. Keep your cool on the road, if somebody brushes against your car, please don't start throwing abuses. There is no confrontation that can't be solved by a dialogue. When you need to get something done in a govt office, please take out time and get things done yourself.

India is a great country, but with very misguided people. I just hope that this new found nationalism and solidarity does bring some change and leads to a slightly better India.