Friday, October 8, 2010

INDIA.... Be a MAN!!

India is generally considered as feminine, even among its citizens as Mother India. But considering the current scenarios where its territorial integrity is being questioned from various sides, no matter how small, it seriously needs to consider a sex change operation.

We had an instance of google maps depicting Arunachal Pradesh as a part of China, again it repeated the blunder by depicting POK as a part of Pakistan. Then we had iPhone 4 doing the same with Arunachal Pradesh again and now the most recent being FAO, a UN body, showing Arunachal and POK as independent entities.

Why hasn't anybody ever shown some chinese territory in India by mistake, why is it that while drawing borders on maps, the line invariably goes inside India rather than China or Pakistan. Well its more to do with our impotent government and self centered politicians than actual errors on part of Map makers. To be frank this should not matter if we are sure about our abilities of protecting our borders. No offense to our Armed forces, but in case China tries something audacious on the eastern border, our Government would hesitate to give a response and tie up our Armed force's hands, seriously affecting their ability to counter. Our soft spoken, spineless and immensely learned PM would look towards 10 Janpath for directions, where the Queen bee would probably be packing bags for the next Alitalia flight with the born to be PM prince in tow.

Our country, as it stands currently, is without a leader.

Even Kargil became a huge task for our Army as government chose to ignore credible intelligence and lingered on taking action thereby eventually increasing the causalities among our brave soldiers who had to pay for our politicians incompetence as Pakistan consolidated its positions.

If China can force Apple to show Arunachal as a part of it in lieu of letting it sell iPhone4, why can't India force similar conditions on it to make it show what is the truth. Why can't we impose restrictions on any company questioning our territory. It's time we did something concrete about such instances, it's time we barred chinese embassy from issuing stapled VISAs to Indian nationals from J&K and Arunachal via restrictions on its operation. For once think of country's pride rather than a possible backlash from Dragon. Show an iron resolve and some guts to let them know we won't take such things lying down. And most of all..

Be a MAN!!