Saturday, March 28, 2009

The (NOT-SO) great act!!

What the hell is happening to our politicians. They are bloody loosing their touch. Earlier around elections, they used to put up acts for public, but made it subtle or less obvious. But with this Varun Gandhi drama, the act has gone as bad as any RGV movie can go.

Even Varun is not sure about his making the alleged speech!! First he profusely said that he did not make the comments.. it went on like this for two days... slowly support started pouring from entities like Shiv Sena and SRS.. so now with prospects of gaining political mileage out of the issue, BJP has projected Varun as a hero of hindutva! But a few things aren't clear, why the hell is he courting arrest for his principals or faith when he is still maintaining that he didn't make that speech. Does his ideals tell him to go to jail for a crime he hasn't committed?? He says the CD is doctored, and then goes out to say that he can die for his faith!! Mr. Gandhi, pls explain how the two things are connected?

Anyways.... with this drama being made the big issue for this elections, i really don't see the point of BJP indulging in such an elaborate and obvious pretense. For i myself prefer BJP over congress, but with this useless indulgence i don't see BJP's popularity getting a push in the right direction among youngsters.

I just hope whatever government is formed, is formed with an absolute majority for a single party (Either BJP or Congress, NOT THE THIRD FRONT), so that politics of appeasement is given rest for atleast next five years!!